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A Wonderful World Tai Chi Day!

Redding Tai Chi celebrated World Tai Chi Day in Caldwell Park on April 24, 2021. The ancient Chinese exercise of Tai Chi has spread to over 150 countries and is said to be practiced by over 150 million people. On World Tai Chi Day people gather at 10:00 am in their time zone to practice, learn, or experience Tai Chi. It is a wonderful exercise because you can start learning it at any age and continue your whole life. Unlike other sports or physical activities, Tai Chi rejuvenates your body instead of wearing it out.

This year we were fortunate to have Chris Netto, of Standing Firm Fitness, lead classes in the Paul Lam style of Tai Chi and we look forward to having her return at future events.

Our photographer, Debbie Rutte, provided some preliminary photos. We will share more photo's when we get the rest of them next week.

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