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Photos from North State World Tai Chi Day

On Saturday, April 29, 2023, Anderson River Park in California came alive with the gentle movements of Tai Chi. Enthusiasts, novices, and the curious gathered to celebrate World Tai Chi Day. The event was led by three renowned instructors, Nadia Hava Robbins of Meditative and Healing Arts, Karen Westburg Mitsueda, and Michel Czehatowski of Redding Tai Chi.

The instructors brought their unique styles and expertise to the event, offering three 40-minute classes each. Participants were treated to a diverse range of techniques and perspectives, making for an enriching and well-rounded experience.

The serene atmosphere at Anderson River Park elevated the practice of Tai Chi, creating a perfect opportunity for people from different backgrounds to come together and appreciate this ancient form of exercise and meditation.

Participants had the privilege to learn from Nadia Have Robbins who shared her expertise in Tai Chi sword exercises.

Karen Westberg Mitsueda brought a unique and exciting element to North State World Tai Chi Day. With her years of experience, she introduced participants to the "Swimming Dragon" exercise - a dynamic and fluid form that mimics the movements of a dragon swimming through water.

Left to Right: 1). As the event kicked off, Michel led the group in a series of gentle and simple warmups. 2). By imitating the graceful movements of a feline and learning to "walk like a cat," participants at North State World Tai Chi Day honed their balance and precision, learning to move with fluidity and agility. 3). As the event came to a close, Michel took a moment to thank his fellow instructors, Nadia Hava Robbins and Karen Westberg Mitsueda, for generously volunteering their time and talents to support the Tai Chi community in the North State. The applause from the crowd was a clear testament to their deep appreciation for the opportunity to learn from such inspiring teachers

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