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Rare Tai Chi Video of Yang Cheng Fu's Female Student

This video was recently posted online and shows Pu Bing Ru the first female disciple of Tai Chi Master Yang Cheng Fu. In the video she it appears she is demonstrating the third section of the Long Form. Her movements, including the well-defining rising and sinking is very similar to what is practiced at Redding Tai Chi. Pu Bing Ru may have been a fellow student of Chu Chu Fang as they were of similar ages.

I found more information on Pu Bing Ru online in Chinese and used google to translate the following:

Pu Bingru (1908 – 1998) Pu Bingru was born in a distinguished family, and her father was a Jinshi Pu Qiucheng in Jiachen (1904) of Guangxu in the pre-Qing Dynasty.

Although she came from a scholarly family, Pu Shi had a preference for martial arts since he was a child. When she was young, she practiced Taijiquan under the secret school of Ye Shida. In 1928, the famous Yang family Shaohou and Mr. Cheng Fu came to Nanjing one after another. Master Pu respected the order of Master Ye and turned to practice Yang family Taijiquan under Grandmaster Chengfu. Therefore, she became Grandmaster Chengfu’s first entrance. Female disciple. Teacher Pu is diligent and studious, and is loved by all the predecessors. Her boxing frame is not only the true biography of Cheng Fu, but also the guidance of Yang Shaohou, Ye Dami, Chen Weiming and Zhang Qinlin. It was also famous at that time as Yemen Primary School and Three Primary Schools (Note). Later, she followed Ye Shi to practice Wudang sword in "Sword Fairy" Li Jinglin. Swordsmanship is very familiar, and she often performs Wudang vs. Sword for Ye Shi.

Pu Shi's boxing frame naturally has a strong aura, which must be attributed to her daily hard work. According to Pu Shi Ziyun, when I practice the most in a day, I practice nine sets of Tai Chi. The floor is sweaty after training, and I can't wipe it dry. In addition to diligent study and practice, Master Pu can teach with an humility, and is not ashamed to ask. As long as you have learned something, regardless of age or seniority, you must be a teacher. Because of this, her boxing frame is vigorous and round, which is natural. Pu Shi has participated in many national martial arts competitions in 1928, 1936, 1957, 1959, and 1979. Therefore, its boxing frame is famous for its profound charm of the master of Chengfu, and it has become a classic of the empress of Chengfu.

Master Pu has been teaching for life, and she is also responsible for the inheritance of Taijiquan. Master Pu teaches boxing voluntarily in Shanghai, and spares no effort in rewarding the young. She has taught thousands of disciples for decades, and the beneficiaries have been passed down from generation to generation, and countless.

Note: The first one is Pu Bingru, and the third one is Jiang Xirong, Jin Renlin and Cao Shuwei.

"Data": Puwenbo character Qiucheng, a scholar in Jiachen (1904) in the 30th year of Guangxu, Qing Dynasty, so his calligraphy and calligraphy always use the Zhu Wen seal of "Jiachen Jinshi".

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