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Form without function has no adaptability. Function without form has no foundation. Therefore form and function should be together for it to be foolproof. Practicing the Solo Set is the work of knowing the self. Practicing the Push Hands exercises is the work of knowing the opponent.

        - Sun Fuquan (Lutang), A Study of Taiji Boxing, June, 1921


This is an intermediate level class is for those that have already learned the three sections of the single movements (Hand form) and practice it regularly. The application of the principles of Tai Chi is learned by working with a partner which is considered the Heaven level of advanced study. Students will learn Single Push Hands, Double Push Hands, Stepping Push Hands, and Da Lu (Big Rollback). In addition, other two person movements taken from the single movements will be taught. The two person movements are taught in a non-competitive manner so that students can learn listening (ting), yielding, adhering, sticking, and following. The emphasis is learning to be soft and light so that you can increase your awareness of movement.  This class lasts six months and is a prerequisite for learning the two person set of movements called San Shou.

Cost: $50/month

Redding Tai Chi Push Hands

Push Hands (Tui Shou)

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