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Online Zoom Classes

Class is on Wednesday and Friday evening, 5:30 - 6:30pm PST. The current class is in progress. You can still join this class if you want. The next new class that starts from the very beginning will start October 4, 2023

Busy? In a different Time Zone? All classes are recorded and can be viewed at a more convenient time. 
Next Class Starts
October 4, 2022
Time: 5:30 - 6:30pm PST.

To sign up for the class send your name to:

Learning online is easy and fun!

Redding Tai Chi teaches the Yang Style Long form of Tai Chi. This form is taught with an emphasis on Tai Chi as a meditative or healing art and the purpose is to improve your general well-being. It takes seven to eight months of twice a week classes to learn the 108 movements of the form.


In each class you will review the previous class lesson and learn one or two new movements. Once you learn the complete set of movements it will take approximately 35 minutes, give or take a few minutes, to practice. Because of the length of the form students are welcome to repeat the class so that they can improve on what they have learned.

The classes are taught two nights a week in the Pacific Time Zone (California time) but the classes are recorded so that if you live in another time zone or you miss a class, you can watch the video later at your convenience. We also provide short summary review video's with each class.

You might ask if the Zoom learning format is for you...

What students are saying:

"The Zoom format works really well for me because I can see the nuances of the movements very clearly.  It actually feels almost as if I’m receiving private instruction.  Also, because there are no distractions, I find the experience to be more tranquil and meditative than when I’m in a group setting."  - Sheila H.

“I really enjoyed the classes, I am planning to continue and look forward to meeting you sometime. Zoom was great, it was like having a private teacher. And it was so nice to have the emails available to practice whenever I had a little time... I liked the way you taught the class as well. The amount to learn was just right. Even if I had a little trouble during the class, (like doing brush knee to the right, my brain only wanted to go left), with the emails and practicing a few times every day, I was able to learn it. I always looked forward to the next class... thanks again...” - Pam

Class Syllabus:

Introduction to Tai Chi: Section 1

This is the introductory class to Yang Style Long Form where the student learns the basic principles of Tai Chi and the 13 main movements. Each class introduces new movements. At the end of two months you will have a sequence of movements that take approximately 5-8 minutes to complete. Learning Section 1 is comparable in length to learning a "short" form of Tai Chi.

Section 2 of the form introduces more advanced movements, such as turns and kicks. On completion of this section it will take approximately 20 minutes to complete the first and second sections of the Yang Style Long Form.

Section 3: This class completes the three sections of the Yang Family Long Form. More complex stepping routines are introduced. Once the entire form is learned it takes between 32-38 minutes to practice. Student are encouraged to take the class several times to become more familiar with the movements of the form. The goal of the class is for students to be able to practice the whole long form on your own.

Fee: $50.00/month. Payments can be made by Venmo to

"What about corrections? How will I know I am doing the movement correctly?"

Based on my experience in teaching Tai Chi I can confidently say that the majority of people will be able to copy and follow with the movements with a high degree of accuracy. That said, we are not teaching "competition" Tai Chi and looking for "perfect" movements. The goal is to learn how to move in a relaxed, fluid way and learn to be more comfortable in your body.

If you have questions about that is taught or if you want to get on a list for the next class, please send an email to:

About the Instructor

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